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Response to my comic 8House: Yorris that I created with Helen Maier has been really positive, here are some reviews about it:-…………
We received our advanced copies of the Ghostbusters Book & 8House: Yorris comic they are looking amazing!

Info for both publications:……

Here is the trailer that I did for 8House: Yorris published by Image Comics (watch it at 1080 setting).
It will be available on October 7th, next month.
Purchase details:…

This is the comic that I mentioned here: This one is for you it is inspired from all of your support it condenses all of the animated TV shows, that we worked on, into one project, something familiar, but something new!
Written by Helen Maier :iconhelenmaier: and myself, art by me.

I've put the upcoming 8House covers together so that you can see them in order. Arclight's Issue #2 with art by Marian Churchland  and story by Brandon Graham will be published August 5, 2015 by Image Comics, price: $2.99
Diamond ID: MAY150533 (Click here for details)

Also keep an eye out for the monthly Island Magazine edited by Brandon Graham, here's an article about it:…

#comics #imagecomics #island #8house

Back in 1997 while still in the middle of the Extreme Ghostbusters (XGB) production, I pitched this style for Godzilla. It was rejected for looking too close to XGB.
This artwork has never been shown publicly before, and very few within the studio saw it due to the secrecy dictated by Centropolis. I've keep this art secret for 18 years, and I thought it would be the perfect gift for my $5+ patrons on Patreon.

I've created an 8 page PDF mini-biography, describing what I was doing at the time and showing all of the art done for that first pass, including my first attempt at designing Godzilla for animation.

I have no intentions of releasing this art publicly and no one else has it. If you are interested, this is the only way to see my first Godzilla style. We are halfway to meeting the first milestone, if we reach it I can begin posting to DA again.

#godzilla #animation #zilla #zillajunior 

Here's Spanky The Monkey my comic contribution for The Sunday Comics.
The project will have 150 contributors and is being printed as a newspaper and a book at 15" x 22" size. Like a regular newspaper, but FULL of comics! None of that other boring stuff!

With a pledge of $175 you can own a special chart I created to help you identify what breed of pocket monkey you (or your boyfriend) owns.

Check the campaign out here:…

Above is a sneak peek at some of my old Production art from shows that you might recognize (I'll let you figure out which TV shows the characters are from), they have been sitting on my hard drive unfinished for six months to a year now. With your support I can get them completed...
So I did this...
My Patreon page!
... help me live for as little as $1 a month.
I'll be like your own artistic Tamagotchi, only old and bald, and humany.

Also let me know what you think about the campaign.
It's early days so I can make adjustments, and suggestions are very welcome!

And if you're too broke to fork over $1 a month, please tell a pal for me :)

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting lately, lack of time is the issue.

I've been in this bind, I'd like to post more of my old designs on DA but I'm doing comics full time, which is great, but they pay poorly, to make the rent and bills I have to produce 10 pages a month. That's written, roughed, penciled, traced, inked, scanned and digitally colored with lettering. Truth is, I can't manage it, I want to do quality, I want this work to be beautiful, but I'm already falling behind.

I've been thinking about Patreon for a while now, to be honest it's a bit scary for an old fella like me, so I would be very interested in getting your perspective on what I'm thinking of doing....

If I can get enough people to sponsor $250 per month, that would allow me to spare the time to color up a design and post it on DA for free. Depending on the tier, Patrons can help me choose which show I pick designs from, plus I would be happy to secretly show Patrons a development sketch that won't be posted on DA, and again depending on tier, I'd be happy to chat for an hour with a handful of people.

I'd like to keep things low tech to begin with, but I would love to figure out a way to let patrons watch me color the selected DA piece. Perhaps even a short podcast to answer selected questions.

So I turn it over to you... is this a dumb idea? What are your thoughts? Let's figure out all the pros & cons.

Fil Barlow,
Head Character Designer of your childhood ;D

Oh and keep this in mind: I have 2 comics coming out this year 8House: Yorris and Zooniverse through Image Comics. Yorris is an all new co-creation with Helen Maier who has worked with me for 31 years and sums up all of the animated shows we've worked on.  We hope it will be like walking through your alternative childhood as an adult. If we get this Patreon thing working, you'll be there from the beginning, with access to our inside secrets. Zooniverse is a reprint of the comic series that launched my animation career. So you'll understand why my time is limited.
A few months ago I mentioned a project that I've been working on in this earlier Journal Entry. It's a project called 8House devised by Brandon Graham to be published later in the year by Image Comics. 8House is an overall concept from which various Creator-Owned titles will be released by other artists and writers.

Helen Maier and I have called our comic series 8House: Yorris we are writing it together and I'm doing the art. We created this project with all of you in mind. We thought it would be fun to re-imagine our entire animation career, mash all of the shows that you know and love into one big project, blending them into a new, but familiar style, and using old school inking with steel nibs and brushes, the same way I made comics back in the 80s.

We have been having a great time working on it, and I'm designing brand new creatures and characters. It has been refreshing to run with any conceptual idea that interests us, without any studio bosses to hold us back! This is our baby, and we are pulling out all of the stops! So if you are a fan, or friend, of the shows that we worked on in our long careers, there will be something for you, Bugs, Ghosts, Monsters, Kaiju, Aliens, Mummies, even Zombies, we've got you covered. Speaking of which, here is a  sneak peek at the cover that I finished last week:

My NEW comic is out and you can only get it from me, it won't be available in stores!

This issue #15 is called "Kick off" because it reboots my comic career. I'm starting with an origin story, how the Zooniverse was made. So if you enjoyed the work I did for your favorite TV shows in the past, this is your chance to read my own personal project, this is what I do with the shackles off, without a big studio holding me back.

I've shown you how versatile my art styles are, now here's your chance to see my own personal style, this is what I do in my prime of my artistic abilities.

There are no middlemen/women what you buy helps me directly, your support helps me create more comics!
Help me make the comics I've always wanted the world to see! 

Details on how to purchase are here:…

Just to let you know that the Kickstarter for "Dream Another Dream" from Locust Moon Comics went live yesterday, it's target is 50k and currently it's at 38k, we'll probably hit 40k today. So get your orders in quickly!…

Along with over 100 artists I've submitted a page to pay my respects to the Father of American comics and animation, Winsor McCay. It's a huge project, which I'm proud to be a part of. Not only was he one of my many inspirations as a young artst, but I worked as a character designer on the Little Nemo animated project back in 1989, our work was never used, but I loved working so faithfully to Winsor's style. Please take a look at his amazing work. Here is the cover for our anthology....

Finally my company app is up this is where I will be releasing my new ZOONIVERSE comic.
Have a look at it and let me know what you think, it's FREE!

Click here to see the app!

I want to take a moment to thank all of you people who have supported me and my art. Posting on DA was an experiment, I had designed on all of these animated shows, but at the time no one knew that my hand was behind them. So two years ago Brandon Graham suggested that I begin posting here and I thank you for your enthusiastic response! Before I began I thought that I was washed up and that the world had passed me by. Now you have shown me that there is still much to do and people interested in seeing it.

Talking with you has given me plenty to think about, many issues to do with fandom, and how strongly people adhere to things that I pulled out of thin air. I live in a world of risk, I have to walk into an empty space where no one is looking and bring something to the earth. Once these characters, creatures and worlds exist I've found people have taken them to heart, and protect them quite fervently.

Brandon has given me a new comic opportunity and I've decided to take all of my DA experience, all of the shows that I've worked on, all of your comments and distill them into this new title. It has been interesting to merge my animation work with my comic style. You will see something familiar, I hope to please all of you, and yet something new. I am 5 pages into it and I look forward to showing you later in the year.
The latest issue of Game Informer August #245 has an article about my early development work on the Captain N (when it was called Buddy Boy). It has images that I've posted here.

The article, written by Ben Reeves, is right at the back in the American publication, I haven't seen the Australian edition yet. Thank you Ben!

By a strange co-incidence there is an article on Paperboy on page 33. Read about the Paperboy connection here:…

Are you interested in the comic work I did in Australia before my career in animation? Zooniverse is the comic I created that got Hollywood's attention back in 1986 and I've begun restoring and reprinting it through my company Zoonitoons.
You can't get it anywhere else!

There are 30 copies left of both issues and I will sign and draw a tiny unique zoon on each purchase.

Click here for more details

Issue 1 reprints two stories I did in the 90's: "Zoons! Zoons! Zoons!" in 1995, a year before Extreme Ghostbsters started and "Zoons at the OzCon" which I wrote and drew from a hotel while working on XGB in 1997.  

Issue 2 reprints 2 comics from 1983 when I was 20 years old, and just before I began work on the main Zooniverse series. "Sproat Fanbunder and Spleen Sphincter - the infamous repairmen" which was only published in Australia and "Sacred Stripture" containing art that was originally published in the UK.

Prices (payments through PayPal):
$14.20 US Dollars for a single issue ($8.50 within Australia GST included)
$20.50 US Dollars for both issues.($15.00 within Australia GST included)

For more information email:

To commission an original Zoon sketch from me add $12.00 US Dollars ($10.00 within Australia) this is only available with a comic purchase.
So... I just turned 50, finally.
Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I'm not really into birthdays to be honest, you loose interest somewhere in your 30's. I'm one of the few people who likes aging, I enjoy the process of slowing down over the decades. I feel more balanced and content than I ever did as a youth. I'm looking forward to experiencing the fifties.

Meanwhile I have had my head down preparing reprints for two of my old comic stories.
The original Zooniverse series being one of them, Rex Vectar being the other (Rex was only published in Australia). I have also been working on a new Zooniverse series with all new art.

Teaching is not something I want to do, I'd much rather get on with my own projects. The the 5 day class was an experiment to see how teaching could be done over the internet should I decide to pursue it. Thank you to those who participated.
The 5 Day Class offer is now closed

I'd better get back to it, thank you for your support and comments. I'm glad DA has given me the chance to show a fraction of my hard work and connect me to the shows that I designed for. Plus it's been helpful for me to bitch about my experiences in Hollywood. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest.

Fil Barlow
For ten lucky people I've decided to open my studio doors and design characters with you.
This is your chance to work with a seasoned Hollywood Professional on your own characters for one week.

Here's how it works:
Email me at:
I will send you a Paypal request for $55 US Dollars
Once I have received the payment you will be sent an email confirming that we have begun.
This email will tell you how we will work together for the following week.

I will help you with any original CHARACTER or CREATURE that you have created and wish to improve.
Together we will work on structure and design.  

You keep the copyrights of all of your original designs.
Both of us will be able to post the results of our collaboration on any social media.

Looking forward to working with you!

[EDIT: Five slots still available]
I"ve just finished a new Zooniverse animation based on the theme of "future" see it here ---- >…

Believe it or not this sequence was taken from page 11 of the Zooniverse movie script that I wrote back in 2005.
I even storyboarded the sequence around 2000. The 3 surveyor characters designs go back to 1999 I even modeled a CG spaceship for them that I traced in Flash for this animation.

I hope you enjoy it!
My new Zooniverse animation has been posted on Loop De Loop, this month's theme was "History". I chose to reveal how the Talsark Wars were started by the theft of a religious relic. click here to see